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Mold Remediation Cincinnati

Licensed and trained mold removal specialists in Cincinnati Ohio and surrounding areas.

Mold Remediation Cincinnati

We are a Cincinnati mold removal company dedicated to all things mold! We are what keeps your home in great standing shape of no mold toxins taking over and to prevent you from having an unhealthy life because of it. Do you have a mold problem that you’ve been dealing with for awhile and can't get rid of it? Mold Remediation Cincinnati can help!

We have the equipment and tools needed for any mold that comes our way to get rid of it for you. For minor mold problems we can also give you tips and tricks of removing it yourself in a careful way. Cincinnati mold remediation can also help make sure that the mold never comes back as long as you continue to follow their step by step process given.

Just some of the services we provide are mold clean up, mold tests, mold removal, mold specialists and more! Those are just the basic things that we do the most of.

About Cincinnati Mold Removal

Our values and goals are really based on a happy environment, hard workers, getting the job done, no cutting corners, not dragging our feet and making our customers feel like part of the family. We do not like lazy workers and if they are then they just aren’t made to be a part of our team.

It's important to show the customers how badly we want to fix their problem and that they are in good hands. You want to make sure if they are worried, overwhelmed or stressed out that our workers are able to take the load off of their shoulders completely and put them at ease.

We are a very fast paced and fast working team and even though we are quick and skilled doesn’t mean we cut corners. That is one of our number one rules to not do. Cutting corners is more than likely to bite you hard for it than to help you. If something needs more nurturing and focus then we do it and we slow down a little to make sure the job gets done right.

We are a guaranteed mold removal team which means we will show you how to keep it away so you are aware of what needs to be done. Many other mold companies just try to be quick to get in and get out and that’s not what's important. It will be a much better use of time to let the customer know what needs to be done on their part to keep the mold away.

Why Choose Mold Removal Cincinnati OH

Our customers love going to us instead of other companies because of our honesty. If we know they can handle a problem without our help we will tell them to save them their money and to not spend it on something they could do themselves.

Our company has been around for several years and we have the most popular ratings by our customers. You can call our shop and we can give you a free estimate today and schedule you an appointment and get your house or business checked out and worked on.

Mold inspection Cincinnati may come in to make sure that there isn’t any more mold to be aware of, but if they believe the customer can handle it they will tell them. Just a few other reasons that customers choose us over other mold companies are:

  • We are a certified team
  • We are insured through everything so everyone will have a chance to get insured through us
  • We make our customers a number 1 priority
  • We make our customers part of our team and family
  • They love how friendly our workers are and how great our customer service i
  • We give free estimates so you know about how much you would be paying for the work done
  • We try to get to our customers after they call in within an hour or two. Depending on how major their problem is, the latest we put them off is that next morning.
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What to Expect from Mold Remediation Cincinnati

We like to keep a wide range of our products that can fit for anyone, but we also make sure we are stocked up on the newest and most up to date products. We recommend the newest products the most to get the best work done for our customers, but in the end we will leave it up to them.

We never use old items on our customers, for each one of them is a new set, we don’t want to use something old that may not be as good of shape or condition. It won’t be as reliable if it's like that.

Customers choose us because of those reasons I have stated above. They appreciate not getting you could say “hand me downs” items when it comes to repairing their home. We want it to be in the best shape as possible which is what they want of course as well.

They love how fast acting we are and how quick we are to respond to their calls. We don’t like putting any of our customers on the back burner for long, so we get to them as fast as possible which they love and appreciate.

If you have a mold problem you are aware of or concerned about the best thing to do is to call our company and they will send someone your direction as soon as possible. After they get there they will have a mold inspection Cincinnati look around they will give you an estimate of the cost of what needs to be done.

They will then sit down with you and lay out a plan made just for you to let you know what steps they will be taking to get rid of the mold and what needs to be done. If no mold testing Cincinnati needs to be done then they will just move straight to the mold removal process. After they are done they will give you a remedy of how to keep the mold away. That will guarantee giving you mold relief from that spot ever again.

Cincinnati Mold Remediation Services

cincinnati mold testing cincinnati mold inspections

Mold INspection & Mold Testing

This is the process done to make sure all the mold in the home or business is taken care of and known about. Our workers inspect the entire place to make sure all mold is revealed so then nothing is left behind so then all of it can be taken care of in one job.

After the mold inspection takes place the mold testing will reveal how much mold there is and how big or small the case may be. It will help them know how deep they have to go in the situation to remove the mold 100%.

cincinnati mold removal cincinnati old remediation

Mold Removal & Mold Remediation

When mold removal comes up next they make sure to clean the area up completely so then nothing may be holding on to dust or something else to have a chance of still living. The mold is isolated and moved right away in a very professional and cautious manner.

After the mold is removed our employee will help get you through a step by step process to know how to keep the mold away and to not have it return. They will also let you know of minor ways to get rid of small mold issues in case you encounter any in the future.

About Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati is on the Ohio river. Cincinnati is known for its huge Oktoberfest, chili and its musical hall and many other things. Its growth rate is at 4.4%. The population of Cincinnati is 302,605.

The cities that surround Cincinnati are:

  • Norwood, OH
  • Fort Thomas, KY
  • Finneytown, OH
  • Blue Ash, OH
  • Reading, OH
  • North College Hill, OH
  • Covington, KY
  • Newport, KY
  • Many other surrounding areas


I had no mold on my walls or in my walls or on any surfaces I could see, but I still kept smelling mold! I ended up having a professional come in and turns out I had mold spores in my air! I didn’t even know that, that was a thing. They took care of the problem right away and helped give me a remedy to keep it away so then I didn’t have to be concerned with having a mold problem again! Love having a healthy home.

- Sam P.

I had no idea I had mold growing in my baby's room because it was hiding in the drywall and I never really paid attention to the smell of the room. I actually had a friend over who has a husband that works for Mold Removal Cincinnati and so she had him come over and check it out to see if her nose was right. It was! So he literally started doing the work right then and there! It was so helpful and I couldn’t believe the baby had been living in that environment! I ended up having an inspection done around the rest of my house to see if any other fungus was around. Thankfully not, I appreciate my friend and her husband for being right there with great intelligence when my family needed it.

- Aaron W

I had some water damage done in my carpet, I didn’t even realize a mold removal company could help with that and they did! It took just a few days to dry the water damage to my carpet and my life back in order thanks to their professional helping hand.

- Tristan I.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to remove mold?

Depending on the amount of mold you have to remove will determine how long it will take. Give us acall so we can see how extensive your mold issues are.

What kills black mold naturally?

White distilled vinegar does the trick! Especially if it's more of a minor mold problem! Another way that helps keep the mold away though is letting in natural air and sunlight and good ventilation. But black mold is dangerous and should be removed professionally, so give us a call.

Does getting an estimate cost anything to get?

No, we do estimates for free! Mold inspections in Cincinnati is what are required to see how much mold you have and how serious the situation is.

How do you know if mold is growing behind your drywall?

Look for that musky smell that doesn’t belong, it very well may be mold hiding and infecting your home!

How much does mold remediation cost?

It really depends on how much remediation is required. Give us a call for a free instant quote!

Is removing mold dangerous?

Minimal exposure to black mold during the removal process is a concern. Is can lead to health issues for you and your family. This is why it is very important to remove dangerous molds like black mold. Call us to help!

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